Yakuza Megavisions Cover Art

Yakuza I whipped up for the second issue of MegaVisions Magazine. Hand drew with Copic Multiliners and red mechanical penci and, digitally colored in Photoshop CS5. Real-time and speed vids are up on my YT Channel.

Rob duenas 16a

Final Art

Rob duenas c1tnozxveaaimxw

WIP 02: Ruffy Lines WIP

Rob duenas c1yaeifukaalnai

WIP 03: Ruffy Lines WIP

Rob duenas c1yz foveaaqgef

WIP 04: Ruffy Lines WIP

Rob duenas c1xoasouuaarc6j

WIP 05: Ruffy Lines WIP

Rob duenas c1yrldnuoaagtws

WIP 06: Ruffy Lines Final

Rob duenas c19sxjguuae4n83

WIP 07: Drawing Linearts

Rob duenas c2afzb9uaaaxifs

WIP 08: Drawing Linearts

Rob duenas c2barpkuoaakzoq

WIP 09: Drawing Linearts

Rob duenas c2hz9qmuoaavtnt

WIP 10: Drawing Linearts

Rob duenas c2gkqo4ukaayvfd

WIP 11: Drawing Linearts

Rob duenas c2cn5wlvqaa a7k

WIP 12: Drawing Linearts

Rob duenas c2mquyjucaefd9w

WIP 13: Linearts Final

Rob duenas c2rtg1duqae9zfw

WIP 14: Color Flats

Rob duenas 04

WIP 01: Early Color Ruffy

Rob duenas c2zcdpauaaap1fm

WIP 15: Final Colors

Rob duenas 015a

WIP 16: Final Colors w/ logo.