Rob duenas cover art lights camera jungle colors by robduenas dact1o6

Final Cover Art

Rob duenas fireshot screen capture 221 rob duenas on instagram cover dev for bigdogink tom wanted a spiderman 300 hom www instagram com p bijxhhgg4i

Step 01: Early Silhouette.

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Step 02: Early Ruffy

Rob duenas 13879400 1136989769677302 2654074419369527494 n

Step 03: Final pencils/inks.

Rob duenas 13873103 1137174506325495 299143689327236240 n

Step 04: Digitalinks WIP

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Step 05: Final Digiinks

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Step 05: Final Cover Art

Lights, Camera, Jungle Cover Art

Lights, Camera, Jungle Variant Cover Art I whipped up Big Dog Ink. It's an homage to Todd McFarlanes Spider-Man #300 cover art. Hand drew with Copic Multiliners and red mechanical pencil, digitally inked in Photoshop CS5, and colored in Photoshop CS5. Real-time and speed vids are up on my YT Channel.

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